Careers in the Oil & Gas Industry

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Our Careers in the Oil & Gas Industry

Looking for careers in the Oil & Gas Industry? At SBS, we offer a long-term work experience and culture. We need to give our employees the training and skills required to achieve their personal goals.  We understand that every team member has a different driving force in what motivates them.  At SBS Energy, we work with our employees to figure out the goals that each employee would like to achieve and work together on accomplishing them.  The skills and training our employees to learn creates a pipeline of success that allows them to improve their careers, which allows for better opportunities continually. We believe that this core value provides for a positive work culture while promoting our business as an excellent opportunity to build a career.

Building a safety culture starts from the top down. SBS Energy Services is committed to the safety and training of our employees. Trained employees develop a safety culture more readily because they can identify hazards while maintaining workplace safety. Safety is more than talking the talk; it is walking the walk.

If you are interested in a career in the Oil & Gas Industry, willing to travel and learn a challenging yet rewarding field, join the SBS Energy Team. Our service lines offer a variety of experiences and can lead to an excellent work/life balance

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