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Snubbing Unit provided by SBS Energy Services

SBS Energy Services is an upstream oil & gas service company. We specialize in live/dead well interventions and completions through snubbing or coiled tubing services.

Protecting the environment and the health and safety of all personnel is of greatest importance when performing our services on any location.

why choose us for snubbing or coiled tubing?

  1. Our field personnel are experienced and have the training to get the job done thoroughly and efficiently.
  2. Our management team has over 200 years of combined experience in the oil & gas industry. From the pre-job planning to the completion, our top priority is always to execute each job with safety and efficiency.
  3. Our equipment is custom built to perform well-interventions on land or offshore. Our designs meet or exceed the safety standards of government agencies around the world.
SBS Energy Services Coiled Tubing Unit
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Well Control Equipment

Our Well Control Equipment is designed for snubbing/hydraulic work-over, coiled tubing, pumping, and nitrogen services.

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We are ready to provide you a sample bid on our specialized services. We specialize in snubbing/HWO and coiled tubing services.


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Coiled Tubing

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